Advantages and disadvantages of manpower planning

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Advantages and disadvantages of manpower planning:


Through the efficient and desirable use of manpower, the achievement of industrial institutional goals became possible. The benefits of manpower planning are briefly described below

Advantages of manpower planning:

1. Organizational error discovery:

Weaknesses in the business organization can be identified through manpower planning. This makes it easier to take measures to compensate for the weaknesses.

2. Increase efficiency:

Manpower planning can determine the need to recruit suitable staff at the right time and train and develop them. As a result, it is possible to increase the skills of the staff.

3. Technology development:

As manpower development takes place through manpower planning, skilled workers can use advanced technology. This increases the mobility of the organization.

4. Opportunity to prepare:

Recruitment, training, promotion, etc. of the employees in the business organization is time-consuming. This is planned through manpower planning. As a result, everyone concerned gets a chance to prepare.

5. Management development:

Skill development of employees, as well as executives, can be included through manpower planning. This has led to the development of management

6. Basis of the national plan:

Manpower planning also plays an important role in national planning. This facilitates the formulation of overall economic programs, development of education, creation of employment opportunities, etc.

7. Labor cost forecast:

The manpower plan can be used to estimate the remuneration of future workers and management in the organization. As a result, financial programs can be formulated accordingly.

8. Career development:

Manpower planning helps in the career development of the workers. Only due to lack of manpower plan the workers fail in career development as expected.

As can be seen from the above discussion, manpower planning is extremely beneficial for business organizations. Therefore, formulation and implementation of a manpower plan are essential for achieving institutional success.

Disadvantages of manpower planning:

While manpower planning has some advantages, it also has some disadvantages, which are discussed below:

1. Estimation reliance:

Manpower planning is based entirely on forecasting. As a result, targeting is often not possible.

2. Lack of accurate and objective information:

It is not always possible to gather accurate and objective information in the formulation of human resource planning. This creates obstacles to proper planning.

3. Accurate predictions are not possible:

Manpower planning is established based on forecasts. But because the forecast is not accurate, it is less reliable.

4. Difficulty in determining demand:

Manpower plans are formulated by anticipating the needs of the workers. But it is difficult to accurately predict the needs of the employees in the organization. This creates problems in the implementation of the plan.

5. Errors in human resource planning:

Human resource planning is not error free. The forecast is erroneous for a variety of reasons. As a result, the plan is flawed.

6. Difficulty considering variable conditions:

Manpower planning cannot properly consider changing conditions. The continuous changes that take place in various aspects related to the economy of the country are not considered in the plan in all cases.

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