Advantages and disadvantages of kier boiler scouring

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Advantages and disadvantages of kier boiler scouring:

The advantages and disadvantages of Kier Boiler Scouring are discussed below.

Advantages of kier boiler scouring:

1. Kier boilers can be used for scouring many fabrics (3 to 4 tons) at a time.

2. There is a manhole arrangement to feed the clothes.

3. In this method the contact between the cloth and the liqueur is good so that the scouring of the cotton cloth is balanced.

4. The key boiler can be pressurized arbitrarily by which the scouring is done and the time is reduced.

5. When the scouring boiler of the Kier boiler is finished, the roller bulb at the bottom of the Kier boiler can be opened to remove the hot liqueur. Hot and cold water can also be taken to wash clothes in Kier.

6. Souring can also be done with acid to soothe the alkali after the scouring process has been completed in the same kier.

7. The liqueur is circulated continuously with the help of steam in the boiler so the scouring is very good. Especially for cotton fabrics.

8. In addition, the closed key has a pressure meter, safety bulb, liqueur leveling gauge, and temperature control system so that different types of fabric can be scoured by the same key.


1. If there is air in the boiler, especially in the boiler with the lid closed, the reaction of the cotton with its oxygen produces oxycellulose and damages the cotton. If the cloth is not immersed in the liqueur in the open kier, the cloth also forms oxycellulose in contact with the air, as a result of which the cloth is damaged.

2. If the Kier boiler is not washed well before use, any chemical used earlier can stain the fabric.

3. Swapping the Kier boiler with excess material creates hydraulic pressure in the Kier that can be dangerous.

4. Balanced scouring does not occur if certain temperatures and pressures are not controlled.

5. In open kier, some amount of fabric is more in contact with liqueur and temperature and the rest of the fabric is less so unequal scouring occurs.

6. If there is no leakproof in the pairs of kier boilers, there will be a problem with scouring.

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