Advantages and disadvantages of internal recruitment

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Advantages and disadvantages of internal recruitment:

Advantages of internal sources of recruitment:

1. Recruitment of suitable staff:

It makes it easy to decide on the skills, qualifications, and faults of the staff and it is possible to select the right person.

2. Cost reduction:

When staff is recruited from internal sources, two types of expenses are reduced. First of all, there is no need to spend money on advertising or using different agencies to recruit staff from external sources. Secondly, the cost of training the staff is also reduced.

3. Increased staff capacity:

Recruiting staff from internal sources enhances the morale of existing people working in the organization and increases their work ethic.

4. Proper placement of staff:

The internal staff recruitment system provides an opportunity for employees to relocate to the organization. As a result, the employees also get the opportunity to work in their desired department.

5. Cuts off temporary pruning:

Internal staffing protects employees in the organization from temporary layoffs. This allows additional staff to be transferred from one department to another.

6. Creating employee loyalty:

This system makes the employees loyal to the organization. It awakens a sense of security in the mind of the worker.

7. Staff skills enhancement:

This method allows rising from lower level to higher level through promotion. As a result, the workers work efficiently and carefully, and as a result production increases.

8. No need to introduce:

Since in this method the former employee is promoted to a higher position, no new introduction is required.

9. Good relationship between employees and customers of the organization:

The customer has a good relationship with the old employees of the organization. This mutual acquaintance makes the improvement of a business easier and better.

10. Stability of recruitment method:

Endless staff retrieval from among themselves maintains the continuity and stability of the recruitment process.

Disadvantages of internal sources of recruitment:

2. Lack of suitable staff:

Many times the organization lacks the suitable staff to fill the vacancies. As a result, vacancies are filled by incompetent people depending on internal sources.

2. Staffing problems:

This method often causes problems in staff recruitment. Unqualified people get a chance as there is no alternative in front of the management.

3. Blocking the entry of new and enterprising workers:

Advantages and disadvantages of internal sources of recruitment. Through the recruitment of energetic and experienced staff from external sources, new knowledge, ideas, and innovative energy is developed in the organization. This increases the dynamism of the organization and invigorates it. Internal staff recruitment deprives the organization of such opportunities and brings stagnation, infertility, and monotony.

4. Possibility of vacancy:

Organizations often become overly dependent on internal sources. In some cases, it is not possible to fill the vacancies in the organization structure through promotion or transfer from within the organization.

5. Non-Competitiveness:

Recruitment from internal sources alone discourages workers from competing and discourages development efforts.

6. Narrow perspective:

Those who work in lower positions are often narrow-minded. Although all these workers are in high positions, they often fail to change their mindset.

7. Union pressure:

Many times managements have to bow to the pressure of trade unions. As a result, management is often forced to promote incompetent people to higher positions.

8. Kinship:

This method gives birth to some ‘Yes-man’ in the organization. Those who have a good relationship with their superiors are more likely to be appointed to higher positions.

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