Acrylic fabric dyeing by acid dye

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Acrylic fabric dyeing by acid dye:


Acrylic fiber is composed of at least 75-90% polyacrylic and the remaining 10-15% co-polymer. This fiber is usually dyed below 100°C. A co-polymer usually exhibits a weak acetic group. But the use of catalysts in polymerization shows the strong acetic group of its polymers. The resulting acrylic fiber is cationic. https://bdfabric.com/silk-and-nylon-fabric-dyeing-by-acid-dye/

Acrylic fabric dyeing recipe:

Dyestuff → 2.5% (based on product weight)

Ammonium Acetate → 3% (based on product weight)

Formic acid → 3% (based on product weight)

T.R Oil 0.2% → (based on product weight)

Ingredients: Liquor → 1:40

Water → 40 times

Temperature → 80°C – 100°C

Time → 45 to 90 minutes

Acrylic Fabric Before Dyeing

Dyeing process by acid dye:

Acrylic fabric dyeing by the acid dye. With the dyestuff and by making a paste by mixing it with T. R oil, it can be well dissolved in hot water. In another container, the product is taken with 40 times water and the dye solution is added to it and the ammonium acetate is added and stirred well.

At the end of the formic acid dye bath, add acrylic fiber and stir well. The dye bath is gradually raised to 100°C and dyed for 45 to 90 minutes. Afterward, the product is washed and dried.

After treatment:

Take the dyed cloth in a bath and add 4% formic acid and 2% tannic acid at 40°C the temperature is raised to 95°C by adding. In this condition, it is boiled for 30 minutes. Then 2% tartar emetic is added and boiled for another 15 minutes at the same temperature. The product is then washed.

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